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Rice UniversityCBEN
Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology for Teachers CHEM 570

Linking Chemistry, Physics and IPC Curriculum to Nanotechnology with applications in Environmental and Biological Sciences

Program Dates: January 13 - April 21, 2011
Location: Rice University Campus
Application Deadline: December 1, 2010
Program Coordinator: Dr. Carolyn Nichol, CBEN Associate Director for Education

The Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology (CBEN) at Rice University is offering a spring course on Nanotechnology for Chemistry, Physics and IPC Teachers. The program is designed for high school science teachers, although middle school teachers are welcome. Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses physics, chemistry, biology and environmental sciences.

Program Benefits

Content in Nanotechnology for Teachers aligns with many of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Science (TEKS)

IPC: motion, waves, energy transformations, properties of matter, changes in matter

Biology: structures and functions of cells and viruses;  cells, tissues, and organs; nucleic acids and  genetics

Environmental Systems: interrelationships among  resources and environmental systems

Chemistry: characteristics of matter; energy transformations during physical and chemical changes; atomic structure; periodic table of element

Physics: conservation of energy and momentum; force; thermodynamics; characteristics and behavior of waves; and quantum physics

  • No fees or costs
  • Receive class materials, 45 CPE credit hours and a $300 stipend*
  • If desired, teachers can receive 3 hours of Rice Graduate credit at a reduced tuition rate.
  • Light dinner provided along with free and convenient parking
  • Connect core physics and chemistry concepts to ongoing research in nanotechnology
  • Acquire new lecture strategies to engage middle school and high school students in science
  • Learn about cutting-edge scientific research
  • Try out new classroom demos and laboratory protocols to stimulate your students' interest in the physical sciences
  • Network with fellow teachers
  • Participants are eligible to return to Rice University for a summer research internship
You can download 2009 CHEM 570 lectures at
The weekly nanotechnology research presentations are archived as Session 1 and the Concept Development lectures are Session 2.

Chem 570 Student and DrMcHale 

What is nanotechnology?

  • Carbon nanotubes: stronger and more flexible than steel
  • Gold nanoshells: detection and treatment of cancer
  • Nanorust: Particles that can lead to inexpensive water purification systems
  • Nanosilver: antimicrobial nanoparticles

Program Structure

  • Class dates and times for Spring 2011 are January 13 - April 21, Thursday evenings from 6pm - 8:30pm. Classes are held at Rice University, Dell Butcher Hall, Rm. 180.
  • Part One: Presentation on recent applications of nanotechnology
  • Part Two: Round table discussion and light dinner to address questions and focus on integration of content into the classroom
  • Part Three: Discourse on approaches to teaching science with examples and curricular materials 

 Click here to download the 2011 course syllabus 


Contact Dr. Carolyn Nichol at
or 713-348-2672

*Must be a U.S. Citizen to receive the stipend for the course